Completion of the below forms, in addition to your payment, is what is typically required of users desiring usage of 7+ days usage. 

Mail and mailbox services are only available for users with a Mail subscription plan -OR- users with a minimum of 90 consecutive days office rental.

Use Agreement (Rev1.1.19) (pdf)


User Information Form - Secured (pdf)


MCS Mailbox Agreement - Secured (pdf)


Mail Service Forms PS1583 (pdf)



We require that our users comply with all current laws and legislation applicable to your use and occupation of the Resource. In some cases, home-based office licenses will be accepted by Fayette County in lieu of a Fayette County business license. We allow for our monthly users to obtain occupational licenses when necessary or if desired when not required by Fayette County. For your convenience, we have attached links to other county and business department websites alongside unincorporated Fayette County's, which is the jurisdiction of this location.

If your profession requires a state certification, you must have an unexpired license from the State of Georgia to conduct business in premises.

Georgia State Licensing Board

Georgia Online Application Services 

All relevant certifications will be copied and saved by our Administration.


Fayette County

Fayette County Finance Department

Online Payments for Occupational Tax Renewal

Permit for Home Occupation


Clayton County

Business License Main Page

Business License Application

Business License Renewal Application

Business License Contact Update Form

Permit & License Activity Data

Coweta County

Coweta County Business/Alcohol License Division

Home Based Application

Commercial Based Application

Special Use Application

Regulatory Permit Application

Fee Schedule

Fulton County

Fulton County Business Licenses

Business License Instructions

New Business License Application (Package)

Business License Renewal Application

Henry County

Henry County Small Business & Entrepreneur Resources

How To Start A Business

Business License (Occupational Tax) Information



City of Fayetteville

Fayetteville Business Resources

License Renewal

Occupational Tax Applications

Occupational Tax Certification Requirements




City of Hampton

Hampton Business Resources

Business Licenses:

City of McDonough

Starting A Business

Occupational Taxes/Business License

Renewal Information

Occupational Tax Division FAQs

City of Peachtree City

Peachtree City Business License / Occupational Tax

New Business Application Required Forms (PDF):

Change in Existing Business Registration:

City of Riverdale

Riverdale | Business

Business Forms:

New Business Application Form: