Hourly & Weekly Offices

Our hourly/weekly office rentals offer a wide variety of services, products, and amenities. We have free refreshments including snacks, candy, popcorn, specialty coffees and soft drinks. Our office supply store stocks dozens of office products, including but not limited to pens, pencils, notebooks, lined paper, colored paper, resume paper, binders of various sizes, folders and flash drives. Assisted copy, print and faxing is available as well, along with paper binding and laminating. The semi-private office is more remote than the workstations and seats you and 2 guests comfortably. Meet with clients in a private, well-decorated private office room, which can seat you and up to 6 guests*. 

Pay hour-by-hour for a couple of hours, or buy a day pass which gives you a minimum of six hours and a maximum of 12 hours**. With affordable pricing and free internet, as well as membership options, you can take care of your business in a professional, consistent office setting.

*Large private office. Small private office seats up to two guests.

**Per resource. Time of appointment affects max length of day pass.

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